Brother 1034D Serger Review

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A wonderful product from Brother can meet almost requirements about design, function and even price. When owing the Brother 1034D serger, you can have a chance to create yourselves clothing with 22 built-in stiches. To be an advance one with its outstanding features and capacities, this serge help you to learn how to serge easily and improve your level skill day by day. Moreover, it does not only offer an advanced feature, but also quote an affordable price, about $180 for an advanced machine. However, there is still an issue with the Brother 1034D, it have not enough a few convenience tools, consider a threader as an example.

Brother 1034D Serger + Accessories

Thanks to both the capabilities and the usability, the Brother 1034D serger is deserved to join in the top serger reviews 2016.

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Types of router bits

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Sorting into the router bit types and making a choice from the seemly endless diversity can make you confused, particularly if you don’t have experience working with routers. Reading all these basic facts can help you choose the bits that suitable with your best router table or hand held router and do the best efficiency of use. There are various types, including designs for the specialized applications. In this post, you can learn the most popular bits.

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Tips for buying good sewing machines for beginners

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Learning how to sew is like learning how to drive. It’s not important to learn skills with a new sports car. In fact, an old reliable car can be better for beginners. However, you require a car including high-quality parts like brakes, the steering, motor, and starter. There is nothing more disappointing than practicing new skills when the engine doesn’t run well.



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How to use an electric pressure cooker


How to use an electric pressure cooker 1

When you want to cook meals faster, in cases not sacrificing the nutrition and quality, buying an electric pressure cooker is certainly a good option.

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How to decorate baby room with white furniture

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The entire baby room furniture is selected the pure white color, which is very easy for you to change style and background color for the room without affecting the overall beauty of the space depending on your baby’s age.

Moreover, when selecting white furniture, you’ll need to bring creative ideas which exquisite the beauty, attraction to fit your baby’s age. Let us refer to the article as the suggestions for your child’s room.

1. Highlights from the ceiling brick walls

If all spaces, from the interior to the background color of walls and ceilings use the white tone, it will be very hard for people to feel the beauty of the interiors and colors, and also very difficult to create an impressive beauty when there is not any accents in the room. So in this case, you can choose a wall with bare brick. Rustic and simple beauty of the wall bricks will help you solve all the weaknesses of the room without a lot of expense to decorate.

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The decoration ideas for narrow house impressively by hanging

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Hanging decorative items or furniture in a creative way is an extremely great and useful solution for small spaces. A functional space of your family will make everybody feel lovely and impressive when you create the highlight.

Let’s decorate every little corner and make your house as a home by reference and implement the ideas of hanging nicely in the article below.

1. The idea of hanging lanterns in the baby room

With babies, there will certainly have the area of “operations”. You can create excitement for him by hanging lanterns with variety of sizes with eye-catching colors. It is sure that your baby will be extremely interested and inspired with the “success” of your decor.

The colors, the shape as well as the texture of the lantern will be the baby’s early life lessons. Moreover, the “cluster” lanterns will replace other decorative items, creating striking beauty and overall impression of the baby space.

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How to decorate walls with unused plates

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Are there any alternative ways for wall decoration which are cheaper and stranger than paintings as well as simpler and less bother than lotus picture frame with stones? How about the dinner plate and decorated plate? With various patterns, multiple dimensions and basic shape, mounting plates on the wall is a fairly unique and effective way for filling and decorating the bare walls without spending much money on. Do not hurry to take away your unused plates, make them to be more useful by an intelligent way; purchase additional colors and patterns of plates to start favorite job of our spectacular women is: caring and refreshing living space.

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How to refresh your bathroom easily and cheaply


This one will show you how to refresh your bathroom in easy and cheap way.

Refresh the living space is a highly recommend to blow a breath of fresh air for your home. Usually if you upgrade and renovate your house, it is synonymous with changing the living area such as a living room, bedroom, entrance to bring the convenience to all family members and have a nice “face” to “breeze “with visitors to the house. But it is not always. Renew the living space can be simpler and more gentle than that. You absolutely can start the “refreshing revolution” from the place that is regularly “refreshing” you – the bathroom – by following the suggestions below.

1. The wall is the largest area to comfortably change

Let’s treat fairly with bathroom wall like the way you do in favor of the living room or bedrooms walls. That is, do not let your bathroom is surrounded with four empty walls, but to decorate them just by the very simple and easy as well as inexpensive way, especially the wall that above the mirror and the sink, they are the driest places and the most remarkable.

New Paint: Blow away the boring feeling of the white wall in the bathroom by slapping on them a new coat of color. Needless to cover entirely, only one wall whose color is different from the rest is enough to blow it with a new vitality. Handily, you can paint a few more other surfaces, such as the sink bottom and lid of toilet paper in the photo below.

Paint a highlight color for the wall behind the mirror. With this small area, you absolutely can do it yourself. 

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Some tips to make your bathroom look cleaner


As we know the bathroom is where we use every day and relax after a hard working day. To keep a bath always clean and comfortable we can decorate and clean up the space with these tips.

1.     Identify decorative theme

The bathroom is the space you can relax and fade away the tiredness and sadness after a hard working day. To decorate the bathroom, you firstly select the theme, the way of decor that you want to bring to your bathroom. Make use of color, fabric and decorative accessories to balance if you want a space gives you energy, relaxation.

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