How to decorate walls with unused plates

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Are there any alternative ways for wall decoration which are cheaper and stranger than paintings as well as simpler and less bother than lotus picture frame with stones? How about the dinner plate and decorated plate? With various patterns, multiple dimensions and basic shape, mounting plates on the wall is a fairly unique and effective way for filling and decorating the bare walls without spending much money on. Do not hurry to take away your unused plates, make them to be more useful by an intelligent way; purchase additional colors and patterns of plates to start favorite job of our spectacular women is: caring and refreshing living space.

If the fates of the plates are being put on the shelf for the drain in the kitchen, at the table covered with food, or placed on cabinets in the living room, now we have the opportunity to promote another function which is comparable to the picture hung on the walls. A more flexible and fun way, the plates of various sizes, patterns and colors are classified shaping liking creates a colorful picture. Decorative wall plate can be applied in the living room, kitchen, hallways, aisles, stairs and the bedroom.

The decoration on the wall by mounting plate encourages spontaneity and freely creation. However, there are some guidelines you should note before getting started. First of all, the color is a factor that should be considered, then the pattern, style, size and shape. The colors of the plates are used for harmonizing with each other, with colors of the walls as well as the color of surrounding objects and the position of the wall in the house. And if you primarily use a glass plate, then you have to take them away and buy ceramic plate, because it is difficult to use glass ones for decorative way.

If you want to utilize the old plates which are not in use, but most of them have simple patterns, usually a white color, the decoration matter is which way to sort plate size and shape. If you deliberately buy decorative plate on the wall, please note to choose many different plate sizes and the colors do not clash too much (except for the black-white pair myth). The easiest way is to buy the plates that have multiple patterns and elegant colors, the wall will immediately become beautiful and unique with the little classical style and the little rustic features inherited from ceramic material and it is sure to create happy look.

After you’ve selected plates like that, it’s time to embark on ideas into work.

You need to have these things below:

– Super-sticky glue

– Screws

– Metal Hangers

– Hand drill


Following these steps below:

Step 1: Use glue to stick hooks to plate. Each plate needs 1 hook. Place hooks on plates to mark attachment point, drops glue on these 2 markers and stick the hook on. Wait at least 30 minutes to make sure the glue has dried completely and make sure the hook was stuck to the plate.


Step 2: Hang the plate.

Bolted to the wall in the location where you intend to hang the plate. For more carefully, before drilling screw into the wall, you can try to cut a paper according the plate shape and stick on the wall to visualize the overall picture somewhat and try many gaps and many different ways for shaping until you have satisfied already with it. A very basic rule but you should still keep in mind, which is the distance between the screws should be longer than the sum of 2 plates radius you intends to put together.





The entire plates can be swapped positions with each other, and can change frequently. Therefore, you do not need to stress or hurry disappointed when they are not looked like what they intend to be; although it rarely happens, because the plates are arranged randomly on the walls always brings a fresh new, fancy and beautiful look for the walls which were empty and boring before.

Here are some examples for wall decoration with unused plates:


With this wall, the house owner has chosen many different sizes and designs plates and hung them in half moon shape to fill all the empty space on the wall.


With this one, all the plates are chosen cleverly in same design to express the “Flowers” Topic.


Using single color for each plate is not a bad idea to decorate the wall.

How to refresh your bathroom easily and cheaply

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This one will show you how to refresh your bathroom in easy and cheap way.

Refresh the living space is a highly recommend to blow a breath of fresh air for your home. Usually if you upgrade and renovate your house, it is synonymous with changing the living area such as a living room, bedroom, entrance to bring the convenience to all family members and have a nice “face” to “breeze “with visitors to the house. But it is not always. Renew the living space can be simpler and more gentle than that. You absolutely can start the “refreshing revolution” from the place that is regularly “refreshing” you – the bathroom – by following the suggestions below.

1. The wall is the largest area to comfortably change

Let’s treat fairly with bathroom wall like the way you do in favor of the living room or bedrooms walls. That is, do not let your bathroom is surrounded with four empty walls, but to decorate them just by the very simple and easy as well as inexpensive way, especially the wall that above the mirror and the sink, they are the driest places and the most remarkable.

New Paint: Blow away the boring feeling of the white wall in the bathroom by slapping on them a new coat of color. Needless to cover entirely, only one wall whose color is different from the rest is enough to blow it with a new vitality. Handily, you can paint a few more other surfaces, such as the sink bottom and lid of toilet paper in the photo below.

Paint a highlight color for the wall behind the mirror. With this small area, you absolutely can do it yourself. 

Wallpaper: Simpler than choosing paint the walls, wallpaper is not only an alternative way, but also has a variety of patterns, motifs, colors as well as easily change the design.

Wallpaper with many motifs is a pretty popular choice to bring to the bathroom the impressive look. However, if your bathroom is not spacious, you should ignore those gaudy prints like this.

Decorative paintings: If you are not a clever person and afraid of making mess, try decorative wall art. You should choose a simple painting and focus on color than the details. And when purchasing, remember to tell the seller clearly about your needs so that they can advise you how to choose suitable pictures with wet environment.

Decorative painting hanging in the bathroom is rather a “western” style. Decorative Painting should be chosen gentle color and background; the highly contrast or impressive color is not a suitable option for the bathroom space.

Hanging decorative items: If your ornaments are flooded on the dressing table, why don’t you hang them on the wall next to the bathroom mirror? It not only solves the mess in the bedroom but also fades away the boring feeling.

The rich colors and designs, especially big ornaments completely take the function as the decorative items for the home.

2. There are many ways of storing clothes in the bathroom

Each woman has many bottles in the bathroom such as shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cream tempering, cleanser… How about adding 1-2 shelves instead of placing all of them in front of the mirror. These beautiful bottles and towels neatly place on the shelves, which makes the bathroom become much more reasonable and beautiful. You can choose between a youthful stand shelve next to the mirror; or wall mounted to utilize the space above the cabinet.

More shelves are not the costly investments. Shelves in the bathroom are absolutely not needed to sophisticated and expensive materials like shelf used in other rooms. Just be simple and has square shape like this.

3. Mirrors and curtains

If you do not want to spend too much effort to change all the details in the bathroom, the formula which is effective immediately for you is here: mirrors and curtains. Changing them is like that your bathroom has a new face and new outfits. Try thinking of attaching decoration around the mirror, replacing with new glass edging, or renewing all; for examples the oval mirror will bring classic and luxurious appearance than the common rectangular mirror that you’re using.

If the mirror in your bathroom is a kind of popular square, do not regret and replace it with mirrors which have more fancy designs. With this cheap way, you have successfully refreshed your bathroom.

4. Making use of light

Light is the most outstanding element in interior design with many functions such as: Lighting, demarcated areas, decorations, decision of the human moods. Bathroom as well as other living areas in the home, alongside the lights that are illuminated the entire space; you should use extra decorative lights, small lights or lights around the mirror to create more sparkling, warmer and closer bathrooms.

5. Small decorative items

Original towel hanging positions. The white towels or multiple colors towels are not necessarily always squeezed over the crossbar. Towels are the most frequently replaced items and should have more than 2 units in the bathrooms. Do not just buy a white, try towels in green, yellow, purple and many decorative motifs … to dot your bathroom space.

Place a mat or towel with highlight colors or textures on the floor next to the mirror or the main door to dry your feet after bathing and keep the floor clean.

Add a chair or small table just outside the area of bathing on which you put the container to use during taking shower, for examples a towel to dry ready for you, or phone if you do not want to miss any calls – or to play music to help you relax in the bathtub.

Some tips to make your bathroom look cleaner

Tips for home

As we know the bathroom is where we use every day and relax after a hard working day. To keep a bath always clean and comfortable we can decorate and clean up the space with these tips.

1.     Identify decorative theme

The bathroom is the space you can relax and fade away the tiredness and sadness after a hard working day. To decorate the bathroom, you firstly select the theme, the way of decor that you want to bring to your bathroom. Make use of color, fabric and decorative accessories to balance if you want a space gives you energy, relaxation.

2.     Choose one feature

Small bathroom will give us the feeling of clutter, and therefore this space is not loved much. You should combine the natural and neutral elements to create a focal point, create a focus when decorating the bathroom.

3.     Clean up

Small bathroom filled with accessories and faucets make it messy. Please clean the bathroom regularly such as placing unused things in other places, putting on the shelves some bathing products like shampoo. Buy a closet for storing towels and soap neatly. If this messy is removed, your bath space will become much more open and airy.

Instead of using toxic cleaners, you should use non-toxic cleaning product. Fill a cup vinegar and one tablespoon of soda into the toilet and let it “boil” in 30 minutes. Then, using a brush, scrub every corner inside the toilet. You do not need detergent or bleach to clean the toilet… Everything you need is going to the kitchen and grabbing some familiar material only.

Spray a little vinegar to the place you want to clean, give them a few minutes to dry and then scrub and rinse with water. The stains will disappear completely and you will know how easy of this way. Most of us do not realize that the ceiling should be kept clean and this is particularly true for the bathroom – where mold and dust were staying. Dissolve the vinegar with water in proportion of 1/1, wet mop stick, squeeze out water and sanitation, and the stains on the ceiling. Note to you that, before cleaning with water, then you should use a broom to clean the dust and cobwebs outside.

Using this simple mixture to blown mold, stain lime scale and soap scum around and inside the sink. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda, a little dishwashing liquid, 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Then pour them into the sink and surrounding areas, scrub and rinse.

To clean the toilet, mix a small amount of borax powder with lemon juice, stirring. Apply the mixture on the part outside the toilet, for several minutes, then scrub and rinse. By this way, your toilet will have the fresh lemon fragrance very pleasantly.

You do not need to wash rugs in the bathroom every day after showering. Hang them up to dry. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the carpet and then let it alone. In the meantime you can clean the rest of the bathroom. Then, simply brush away the carpet and all odors and mold will accordingly fly.

Get an old toothbrush, squeeze a little toothpaste and scrub the rust stain stick on tap or metal objects. You will be surprised to recognize that they are shiny and new again immediately.

To clean a mirror full of natural bruises, cracks, tears in it, you just need a bit of shaving foam, apply it to the mirror, use a soft cloth to clean. Then you can wipe with a dry cloth or water. All the mirrors can be clean with this approach.

4.     Using smart money

Please buy the bath accessories are not too expensive. You must know what to spend on. Since you and will roll yourself in the towel. So let’s spend money to buy the kind of good quality towels, cleaning bathing items.

5.     Expanding space

Painting walls with elegant color is the best way to expand the narrow space bathrooms. Neutral colored walls, installing a long mirror is the perfect combination to help your bath space looks so expensive.

6.     Select the appropriate light

You should purchase bulbs that are environmentally friendly and affordable. Doing so would create the air in the bathroom like a spa bath and also makes your bathing space look more natural, because natural light is the best way to create a relaxed space.

7.     Create unique scent

Many people always complain that their bathroom is smelly with unpleasant odor despite being thoroughly hygienic cleaning. So let’s bring to this little space the gentle and fresh fragrance whenever you add to your bathroom a little bath lotions, soaps or even flowers. It will make you surprised that this space filled with freshness.

Besides, everything seems like discarded such as orange peel and lemon peel can also be utilized to clean the house, thus they can reduce unpleasant odors instead of discarded as a waste.

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